Bucket of happiness

Alhamdulillah, I’ve been engaged for almost two months. I’m happy, I feel blessed, I feel complete. My happy hormone is all over the places ! Ceh, okay ini over, I know. Haha. I feel like everything is so amazing right now. There’s nothing more I want like this. If I could, I seriously want to freeze this time so that in the future I could remember back this moment, how I feel so satisfied and happy with my life, how everything comes so perfectly.

Well, what makes me happy? Happiness. Yes, happiness.

Because, the price of happiness is really high. Sometimes, you won’t be able to even seek for it.

I learnt so many things from my past. This is what Allah S.W.T taught me, after those painful memories, after those hurting years, He sent me my beloved fiancee, the one who accept all my flaws, looking at me through the future, not my past.

Never imagined this could be so fast, never thought this will be this fast. This is a big change, a very big step, a very big move. But I believe in my Mama and Abah, I’m sure they’ve think about this thoroughly, to let go their lil cute and ‘manja’ daughter. Haha perasan sungguh ! And yes, I believe in him too. We didn’t actually be in a relationship for a long time BUT this not-so-long relationship is my choice 🙂

It’s time to turn my self in to a lady, who can now carry all the responsibility. Not the me who are eager to make everyone to say yes to everything that I want. No more the thought of “this is what I want” and “this is what I eager to do”.  It’s now about “this is what WE want”, “this is what WE dream of”. This is OUR future, OUR own fairytale. Hihi 😛

So dear Nur Damia, you just need to prepare yourself to be a good woman and of course a cute, sweet & lovable wife, okay? Hahaha. Be a good wife, where you can be lead by your husband. Where you can be the strength for your husband. Where you can be the woman behind his success, here and hereafter. InsyaAllah 🙂


Your life will be happy, if you choose to be happy. 


Ya Rabb, jika benar dia untukku, dekatkanlah hati kami, panjangkan jodoh kami, kuatkan jodoh kami. Jika hubungan ini benar buat kami, lancarkan lah urusannya. Kerana aku ingin dia jadi pemilik cintaku, selepas Mu ya Rabb. Amin.