Am not ready yet

Don’t expect too much. Don’t hope too high. Don’t rely on so hard but stand on toughly.

And do remember, there’s something stronger than our own desire, Allah’s fate. It may take years to actually understand it, but accepting it, is not a choice, it is an option.

Husnuzon dengan Allah, setiap yang terjadi pasti ada hikmah. Think positive my darling self. You know yourself.

This is just so soon. And then, it’s a very long way to go.


Human can only plan, but Allah will decide. He knows everything, that we may not.

.. and Allah will not test His slaves beyond what he or she can bear.

.. and Allah knows the best for His slaves, trust Him, rely on Him, have faith in Him. InsyaAllah, He will bring you to the path that is far better than what you’ve imagined.