Happy 2nd Anniversary !

04.02.12 – 04.02.14

We didn’t actually be in a relationship for a long time, but this not-so-long relationship is my choice 🙂

2 years ago, we met with each other for the first time. And no one knows how on earth we got to know each other, we’re not in the same school, and even not in the same Uni. Yes, we’re far away from each other. And we never met even once. I’m glad you found me and hold on to me, I am glad we can get through anything. Alhamdulillah.

Happy 2nd Anniversary Mohd Izzat ! Throughout our journey of love, I really had a great time spending with you. There’s nothing that I wish more from you, rather than a heart that will always look only at me, rather than the love that will always for me. Always.

So here goes to another year to create precious moment together. Another year to discover new things to enjoy about each other. Another year to prepare ourselves for the new path that is far away different from now, that defines forever 🙂


Untuk yang terkurang terlebih,
Maaf dan terima kasih,
Mencintaiku tanpa letih.
Selamat 2 tahun yang indah, Encik Tunang.