Get a life please?

Times when you feel you are like a trend-setter…


Situation 1:

Me : Uploaded a picture… *enjoy doing kayaking with my beloved housemates*

You : Uploaded a picture… *hey look! Me and my friends also went to kayaking*


Situation 2:

Me : Uploaded a picture…  *I got a bracelet on my birthday.*

You : Uploaded a picture of bracelet…  *Safely arrived today. Thanks for this present I love it seriously!*


YAWNN~! Hahaha!


We’re born in this world as a unique individual. Me and you, we’re not the same. You can’t follow what I’m doing. You can’t imitate my life and of course I can’t do it either. Growing in this fast-paced society, it is so tempting for us to follow other people, to follow their life, what they do. Well my dear, we need to have a principle in this life. Stop imitating other people’s life. Just live your own life at the fullest. Okay? 😉