Struggling slightly

Just in case if you guys are wondering where I’ve been, this is what life looks like for me currently. Its been pretty hectic in the last couple of months, which is possibly why my last entry was just over 2 months ago. Busyyyyyy, but in a good and enjoy way. Haha.

Berjaya melalui 4 bulan ber-internship dengan jayanya. Lecturer pun dah datang visit, and I got positive comment and pleasant compliment from my lecturer. Alhamdulillah. One month left and that will put a dot for my degree road. InsyaAllah. And now for sure I need to work extremely harder to achieve a good grade for my last semester through my internship report. I know you can do it my darling self!

Okay la, jumpa di entry lain since ada banyak benda nak update. I promise I will be back as soon as I can okay? Take care! Xoxo.