Month: November 2015

Our Journey : Reception


Assalamualaikum and hi! As promised, kali ni nak update pasal wedding reception pulak 🙂

Untuk majlis reception, I hired Kak Erin Leola as my makeup artist for my big big dayyyy! Actually dari tunang dulu nak hire Kak Erin tapi time tu Kak Erin dah fully booked. Lucky me dia available during my wedding reception, itupun dah booked Kak Erin setahun sebelum majlis okay! Haha. Pukul 10 pagi dah start makeup, time makeup ni boleh rilex2 je tanpa risau dengan hasil makeup since I trust Kak Erin, yela dah nama pon makeup artist kan. And seriously I loveeeeeeeeeee hasil tangan magic dari Kak Erin. Sangat berbaloi dengan harga yang dibayar!

Seeee! Time ni belum siap sepenuhnya lagi, lipstik pon tak pakai lagi tapi dah nampak cantik. Okay okay ni bukan puji diri sendiri tau ni puji hasil tangan magic Kak Erin!

For my wedding reception theme, at first we decided untuk pilih warna mint green + purple. But then after a few discussion with my wedding planner, he suggested me mint green + gold. So sebagai yang tak berapa nak pro ni ku turutkan aje, tapi aku pesan siap-siap lah yang penting cantik & nampak kurus. Hahaha!

Have to admit I was really nervous for the final look, BUT….


While waiting for pasukan kompang & silat, kita berselfie dulu. Sampai sekarang tak boleh move on lagi dengan makeup ni. Serious sangat-sangat-sangat puas hati!

Definitely a one-time-celebrity-moment LOL

Kumpulan kompang & silat

Makan beradab. Time ni lapar gila okay sebab tak makan dari pagi lepas tu lauk-lauk pengantin semua sedap-sedap. Oh ye thank you Kakatada sebab tak sangka selain berbakat jadi pengapit, Kakatada juga berbakat dalam megopek udang. Tak sia-sia pilih Kakatada jadi pengapit. Haha =P

 With the man of my dream at the wedding of my dream <3

Sahabat dunia akhirat. Thanks ladies for being part of my happiest day and thank you for everything! Couldn’t been better without you ladies. May Allah SWT grant you His blessings and success dunia akhirat. Amin. I love you all! <3

Moment paling epic. Orang lain nangis time majlis nikah je, aku time reception pon nangis jugak sampai nak tercabut bulu mata. Haha. Time ni TheGegurlz ada yang nak balik dah, so tiba-tiba macam sedih (ditambah lagi dengan DJ yang pasang lagu sedih) sebab lepas ni taktau bila boleh jumpa lagi T_________________T


Makcik-makcik, pakcik-pakcik & sepupu semua pakai purple. Aku belikan kain untuk makcik-makcik & kemeja untuk pakcik-pakcik supaya nampak semua sedondon 😉

To know that I will have you for the rest of my life, to have someone to rely on, to share all my emotions with, makes me feel relief that I now have someone that I can be absolutely comfortable with. 

I am so thankful to Allah for this marriage. To have someone you love living with you for the rest of your life is such a precious moment. To more happy years together. InsyaAllah.
I love you husband, Lillahita’ala.

Our Journey : Solemnization

Assalamualaikum. Finally, I have the time to write again. Kesian blog sampai bersarang dah. Almaklumlah, busy uols uruskan hal majlis. Masa nak buat preparation majlis hari tu, konon-konon nya berazam nak update progress preparation. Sekali, ke dasar laut paling dalam azam tersebut. Haha. Kita hanya merancang, Dia yang menentukan. (?) Nanti lah, kalau rajin insyaAllah akan update sikit-sikit preparation tersebut sebagai kenang-kenangan.

29th of August 2015 – The date that I will cherish with joy and laughter. The date that will be celebrate by both of us for the rest of our marriage, InsyaAllah. Alhamdulillah, with only one lafaz, I become his wife. My one and only, my imam, my husband, and InsyaAllah, soon, father of my babies :’) It has been for almost three amazing months that I have been known as Puan Mieya a.k.a Mrs. Izzat 😉

After getting married, we’ve been asked the same question over and over again, “Best tak kahwin?” LOL the answer is MESTILAH BEST! Hihi. So here’s my solemnization series of pictures. Enjoy! 🙂

My awesome parents and siblings. Last picture together before I end my zaman bujang.

The Gegurlz a.k.a My Bridesmaid. Kakayana takde dalam gambar sebab lambat sampai, sangkut dalam jammed.

My Wan <3

So after getting ready and do a lot of poses for the cameramen konon-konon nak hilangkan nervous, dapat call untuk gerak ke tempat nikah. Time ni tahap nervous takyah cakap lah kan sampai abang wedding planner pun tegur muka aku nampak sangat nervous, macam lah aku yang nak kena berdepan dengan Tok Kadi. Ceh.

Pelamin Kaca =)

Masa tengok pelamin pagi tu, rasa excited sangat! Ya Allah, this is really happening!“. Lepastu nampak Izzat, berbaju melayu dan songkok. Terus nervous balek. Haha.

Rasa lega sikit bila ada Mama teman duduk atas pelamin. I had so many mixed emotions. Rasa happy but at the same time rasa sedih sebab lepas dah jadi isteri orang nanti dah tak boleh nak manja-manja lagi macam sebelum ni. But I hope that no matter what happens, I can always be your lil girl T____TTak ingat dah apa yang Tok Kadi cakap time ni, tapi yang pasti memang kelakar la kot sebab dua-dua pon sengeh-sengeh kucing je. Haha. Nasib baik la dapat Tok Kadi yang okay & sangat sporting! While the Tok Kadi giving the Khutbah Nikah, all I had in mind was “Please Abejat sekali lafaz, please sekali lafaz”. Hahaha.

Then finally came the awaited moment, the Akad Nikah. Alhamdulillah, Abah sendiri yang nikahkan anak sulung dia ni 🙂
Mesti Abejat tengah dupdapdupdap je time ni. I myself was shaking, I held Mama’s hand so tight.
Alhamdulillah, dengan satu kali lafaz, sah la kita sebagai suami & isteri =’)

Yes! I cried walaupun dah cuba tahan supaya taknak nangis. Sebak okay time ni, lagi-lagi bila dengar suara Abah part “Aku Nikahkan akan dikau dengan anakku” T________T Sebelum nikah terdetik dalam hati “nanti time akad nikah mesti Mama nangis, lepas tu mesti aku pon nangis jugak“. Tapi rupa-rupanya andaianku tidak benarrrr! Aku je yang nangis, Mama mata berair je. Siap cakap kat aku “Dah jangan nangis nanti rosak makeup“. Lol.

Mampu jeling-jeling dulu je time ni =P

Batal air sembahyang.

You meet thousands of people and none of them really touch you, 
and then you meet one person and your life is changed forever.

In terms of my marriage, you know, falling in love with my husband was by far the best thing that’s ever happened to me.

I was so happy that I didn’t even feel tired! Oh wait, it’s not that I did not feel it, I felt tired, but I was ok with it sebab I had so much fun! With all my closest friends and families, with my in-laws and families, and of course, with my husband. How can i not be happy? 😉
Thru thick and thin. InsyaAllah.
I love you, my husband! <3
Yayyyy-dah-kawen pose!
Alhamdulillah, it was a beautiful day, blessings from Allah SWT. Before I end this entry, I’d like to extend my heartiest gratitude to everyone who was involved directly or indirectly in making our events a smooth and beautiful one.


To my parents, thank you for making the ceremony a very special & unforgettable one. Words are not enough to describe how fortunate I am to be your daughter. Thank you for the never ending love and support, in terms of time, financial support, energy, effort, encouraging advices and on top of that all, your prayers. I am nothing without your prayers , Mama & Abah. So thank you very much. I love you both so much! <3

Next, to my dearest siblings, thank you so much from the core of my heart. Thank you for all the help in preparing and packing all the doorgifts, writing names and addresses on the wedding cards and envelopes, jadi my driver & my PA, and everything. I am so lucky to have such helpful siblings in my life. <3

I’d also like to thank my aunties, uncles and cousins who had to come by to my house almost every single day & weekends, for offering all the help and sponsors, no charge services for makeup my room and gifts, we truly appreciate them all. Your sincere help is truly appreciated & will always be remembered forever. <3

Not to forget, many thanks to my bridesmaids too for all the help and ideas, for always being there for me and be my supporter. Please know that I really appreciate everything that all of you have done with the intention to ease my way. Thank you girls for just being AWESOME! Can never stop loving you, The Gegurlz. <3

Well I guess that’s all for now. I’ll write about our reception ceremony pulak for the next post.

Until then, XOXO.
Puan Mieya 😉