07 Mar

Happy birthday to me

Happy birthday to me,

Happy birthday to me,

Happy birthday to Nur Damia,

Happy Birthday to me.

*Sarcasticnye nyanyi lagu birthday untuk diri sendiri HAHA*

So today is my birthday. The birth of me. The person I have grown up to be. The person I will become. Another year of getting hmmmm… Wiser? I refused to say the word ‘old’ because I know I’m still young! Hihi. So, Happy Birthday my darling self!

I celebrate my birthday on the 5th, 6th and 7th actually. 3 days in a row! I think, of all the years, this year for me is the happiest birthday ever. Sshhh, I won’t state here why 😛 But good things are happening to me these days! Alhamdulillah.

And I’m very grateful that I have the best family, friends and fiance. Really. These people are the best! Thank you for being such a great person, thank you for the surprise and thank you for the laughter you gave me! 😉

My wish for this year? I wish I will have a better life, I wish I will have the best in everything I put my efforts on, I wish I will be a good girl, a good daughter, a good wife-wanna-be, and I wish that you always keep me in your dream. Eh tetibe. Semoga diri ini akan sentiasa beristiqamah dan bertambah amalan, serta menjadi insan yang lebih baik di dunia & di akhirat.

Oh by the way, I got this blog (domain + hosting) as my birthday present two years back, so happy 2nd birthday my dear bloggie ! Later we shopping ‘baju baru’ as hadiah birthday awak okay darling? Promise! 😉



Birthday Girl.

01 Mar

The start of a new month

Welcome March ! You are my favourite month, so please be a colourful and a good month for me okay? 😉


2 hari terakhir untuk menghabiskan sisa-sisa cuti semester. Hari-hari cuti semester kali ni terisi dengan online, tengok tv, tidur, layan drama dan itu je lah pun aktiviti tiap-tiap hari. Bagus betul seorang Mieya menjadi manusia berguna yang memanfaatkan cuti. Haha.

New semester, semester 5. Excited? YES! Lebih-lebih lagi banyak perancangan yang bakal dilancarkan sem ni! Tapi banyak takut dan berdebar dengan apa yang sedia terbentang untuk aku teroka kat depan sana. So from now I need to be mentally and physically prepared untuk fasa-fasa seterusnya.

So many things I wish to achieve in my life. May Allah ease everything. Amin.

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