09 Jul

Get a life please?

Times when you feel you are like a trend-setter…


Situation 1:

Me : Uploaded a picture… *enjoy doing kayaking with my beloved housemates*

You : Uploaded a picture… *hey look! Me and my friends also went to kayaking*


Situation 2:

Me : Uploaded a picture…  *I got a bracelet on my birthday.*

You : Uploaded a picture of bracelet…  *Safely arrived today. Thanks for this present I love it seriously!*


YAWNN~! Hahaha!


We’re born in this world as a unique individual. Me and you, we’re not the same. You can’t follow what I’m doing. You can’t imitate my life and of course I can’t do it either. Growing in this fast-paced society, it is so tempting for us to follow other people, to follow their life, what they do. Well my dear, we need to have a principle in this life. Stop imitating other people’s life. Just live your own life at the fullest. Okay? 😉

29 Jun

Exam is finally over

Alhamdulillah, my fifth semester exam is finally over. Rasa lega yang amat sangat okay. It feels like someone has dragged me out of a big mountain. I feel like I am literally breathing again! So now I can rest for two whole months! Wehoo! 😀

Well, I can say that semester ni okay lah, so-so je. Yang paling tak best nye study week untuk sem ni cuma 2 hari je. So yeah term study week tu dah boleh tukar jadi study days. Having only one final paper this semester STILL managed to screw me. Final paper start 27hb, tapi 24hb baru settle semua assignments & final projects. Mana nak rest lagi, mana nak ambik mood study lagi. Bayangkan, malam 26hb tu dah selesai study & cover semua chapter TAPI rasa macam tak study ape2 langsung. Haa gila kan for the first time rasa macam ni pagi exam tu memang dah redha tawakal habis-habisan lah cerita dia.

OK. Done with final exam stuff.

Berkonvoi ke Arkib Negara cari bahan-bahan final project

Speech presentation. Ececeh 😛

Us with our sporting lecturer, Madam Rosiah. The very last BEL for degree. No more BEL class after this!


Small party during our last class with Sir Wan. Isteri Sir siap bekalkan kek lagi tau. Sedap plak tu!


Our handsome & awet muda lecturer, Sir Wan :)


Thank you Sir for a wonderful couple of semesters. Stay young & stay handsome okay 😀


Eeeeiiii Sir Wan kelihatan ommey disituuuu!!! Haha.

Haa ni dia ni diaaa. Final project paling mencabar sem ni. Mencabar cari topik satu hal, lepas tu kena cari tokoh-tokoh dan tokoh tersebut mestilah kena follow kriteria2 yang diperlukan. Lepas tu kan kitorang terpaksa tukar tokoh sampai 3 kali tahu takkkk?! Susah sebenarnya nak cari tokoh lagi-lagi tokoh yang willingly nak bekerjasama. Tapi alhamdulillah, selesai je benda ni, maka selesailah segala bebanan :)

Just in case you didn’t noticed, I wasn’t great I’m just awesome *tetibe* Ngeh ngeh ngeh 😛

Ohh btw alhamdulillah, dah masuk Ramadhan. Tahun ni rasa excited & semangat sikit tak tahu kenapa. Maybe sebab different from a year before and before kot. Hihi. So here, I would like to take this opportunity to wish all my muslim friends Happy Fasting and have a blessed Ramadhan! Let us clean ourselves from sins and let our hearts find its true deen. May this holy month be spent and utilised wisely & may it be better than the ones before. InsyaAllah :)

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